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Degree Miracle, DM, provides comprehensive support for aspiring MBA students from the time they start applying to attend MBA programs all the way till they graduate from such programs

If you have any of the following needs, we can help:

  • Are you lost while writing your application essays?
  • Do you have low GMAT scores?
  • Is your GPA lower than your potential?
  • Are you an MBA student struggling with your course work?
  • Do you need help finding your dream MBA job?
  • Do you need help changing careers post-MBA?


    We have been providing these services for over a decade and take pride in our work. We have helped many clients through various aspects of their MBA journeys


    Our team is comprised of MBA graduates, recruiters, and tutors


    DM has proven our strong value to clients over the years and continue to help clients achieve their dreams.


    DM seeks a true partnership with our clients. We enjoy our careers with DM, and it shows in our superior service. DM specialists work closely with each client to understand their history and goals in order to deliver a highly customized service

Our Core Areas



Career Support



DM provides the following services:

  • MBA admissions consulting
  • Tutoring
  • MBA job prep

We can provide an all-in-one package deal that provides all these services in an integrated manner to ensure that you get the most out of your MBA experience

If you are unsure about what services you need, we can also evaluate you to determine which aspects of your candidacy need the most help

MBA Admissions Consulting

We provide advice and support to MBA applicants as they prepare their applications

MBA admissions consulting can be a pivotal step in your career planning, as it helps you enroll in the right MBA program for you

Some of the ways we support applicants include:

  1. Resume reviews
  2. Application essay editing
  3. Mock interviews
  4. MBA school selection advice
  5. Re-application advisory
  6. Personal brand building

  7. Tutoring:

    We cover all tutoring needs before and during the MBA program. Some of these are

    • GMAT tutoring
    • GRE tutoring
    • Tutoring MBA courses
    • Tutoring BBA courses
    • Tutoring business courses (eg finance, marketing
    • Tutoring academic concepts tested in job interviews

    MBA job preparation:

    We help current MBA students find and successfully apply for jobs

    Some of the career services we provide include

    • Identifying relevant job opportunities
    • Job interview coaching
    • Resume and cover letter preparation
    • Mock interviews
    • Securing internships
    • Coaching financial basics needed for banking interviews
    • Coaching marketing math basics needed for strategy interviews
    • Preparing information package on companies you are interviewing with

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